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We Knock Barriers Down to Build You Up

Robin Thorne

Robin Thorne, Founder & Chief DemoChick

Empower, Elevate and Enlighten – Robin Thorne, demolishes barriers for women in construction.

Robin Thorne has carved a path for herself that has been anything but average. Her extraordinary journey has seen her consistently smash down stereotypes and walk a path that few have paved before her. Robin marches to the beat of her own drum, she’s a chemical engineer who went down a non-traditional path to build a career in the construction industry. Today she is the Founder and CEO of CTI, an engineering and specialized construction firm, which has been a multi-million dollar thriving business for over a decade.

          She is also the founder of DemoChicks, a non-profit organization that empowers young women to become involved in the construction, engineering, or demolition industries. Her fearlessness to redefine what a woman should traditionally do is admirable and from her success, there are many things we can learn.

Our Mission
To be a catalyst that empowers and enlightens young girls by sharing unique pathways to nontraditional careers. This enlightenment elevates their lives and provides opportunities for them to excel in their nontraditional field of choice. Put succinctly: We Knock Barriers Down to Build Girls Up.

Our Value Statement
DemoChicks values access and education as a means of “doing well and doing good” and ultimately, achieving a successful life and satisfying career. 

DemoChicks Board of Directors

Robin Thorne

Robin Thorne, Founder

Philip Nicolay

Dr. Jinny Rhee
Dean, CSULB College of Engineering

Nia Elaine Collins

Image of Deepika S. Thompson

Deepika S. Thompson
Attorney at Law

Donna Skinner

Donna Skinner