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Our programming is centered on the following goals:

1.  Encourage young women to consider nontraditional careers historically closed to them, including construction, demolition, architecture, and engineering.

2.  Create a network of professional women who have broken the glass ceiling into nontraditional male-dominated fields.

3.  Provide mentorship and community-building to all women who are interested in pursuing careers in these fields, as well as supporting the professional growth of existing women professionals in these fields.

DemoChicks On-Line

Hands-on instruction that trains elementary and middle school students to ACE careers; classes include experiments and presentations. Our facilitated sessions are around specific topics (engineering, science, etc.) with interactive activities.

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DemoChicks On-Site

DemoChicks have an extensive network of professionals that generously lend their time by hosting site visits. Among the professionals are project managers, contractors, engineers, forewo/men, architects, and others that enjoy working with our DemoChicks on a variety of projects. We tour project sites on multiple occasions, allowing students to see and experience the planning, execution, monitoring, and completion of construction project phases.

DemoChicks Ambassadors

DemoChicks Ambassadors are assigned to college students to share insights about their own journey success in order to help students navigate theirs. We believe that “if you can see it, you can be it” and realize the importance of having role models and mentors to help girls and women navigate through the decision-making process of their future careers. We also realize the importance of developing and nurturing relationships and a support system throughout this journey.

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DemoChicks On-Location

DemoChicks visits elementary school classrooms and guides students through in-depth, age-appropriate projects developed by Master Teacher, Shannon Johnson, M.Ed. In an example of one of the location projects, students apply understanding of chemical vs. physical changes in an inquiry-based lab. Students make connections from the lab to the field of chemical engineering, learning how it applies to things they use in daily life. In the culminating project-based assessment, students create a life story of their favorite object through the lens of a chemical engineer.